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Sequential Pulp 2011 free TCAF edition.

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page 1

An Interview with Jillian Tamaki

By Dave Howard

page 4

In Defence of God-Awful Comics

By Dalton Sharp

page 5

Canada outside of archetypes:

An appreciation of David Collier’s


By David Hains

page 6

Grey Zone: A Conversation

With Mark Laliberte

By Dalton Sharp

page 8

‘The Listener‘

by David Lester

Reviewed by BK Munn

page 9


by Joe Ollmann

Reviewed by Salgood Sam

page 11

‘Book of Hours: A Wordless Novel

Told in 99 Wood Engravings‘

by George A. Walker

Reviewed by BK Munn

page 12

‘Out of Our Minds‘

Written by Melissa Auf der Maur,

Tony Stone and Kevin McLeod

Illustrated by Jack Forbes

Reviewed by Robin Fisher

page 14

‘Paying For It‘

by Chester Brown

Reviewed by Tom Spurgeon

page 16

On Message: A Conversation With

Joan Thornborrow Steacy

By Dalton Sharp

page 17




By Robin Fisher

page 20

Get to know the Doug Wright

Awards Nominees: 8 questions

awnsered by 12 creators

page 23

‘The Raven‘

By Lorenzo Mattotti & Lou Reed

Reviewed by Salgood Sam

page 24

A consideration of

Bus Griffiths’

‘Now You’re Logging’

By Brad Mackay

page 28

32 New books

& Events listings


page 4

Dakota McFadzean‘s Dailies

‘Here kitty kitty kitty’

‘God Comics’

‘Infinitely-falling baby’

page 5

‘People Around Here’

By Dave Lapp

page 6


By Samara Leibner

page 8


By Simon Roy

page 12


By Aaron Costain

page 14

A four page preview

of ‘The Listener’

By David Lester

page 18

‘Dream Life’

By Salgood Sam

page 22

‘Office Stories’

‘Tony the sexual ghost

& Farmer Joseph’

‘Philosophical Phunnies

starring Julius Peeny’

By Nick Maandag

page 25

‘Another Honest-to-god

true life adventure’

By Ty Templeton

page 27

‘The Gutter’

By Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas

page 28


By Fiona Smyth

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Sequential Pulp 2011 free TCAF edition.

0 ratings
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