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Revolver One, digital only

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Revolver One, digital only

Salgood Sam's Spilt Ink Publishing
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Salgood Sam’s personal comics anthology project. 

Revolver One is a collection of seven short stories & assorted words & pictures, exploring diverse themes of mortality, belonging, and identity. 

I wanted to have my own regular series for a long time but I don't want to do just one story, so this is conceptually sort of like Acme Novelty Library, Rubber Blanket or Eightball? A home for whatever new comics I'm working on in serial as regularly published as my means will enable.

This fist Vol in the series collects Pin City with John O’Brien, The Rise and Fall of it All. Misplaced, Where the Wild Things Went, and Helpless with A.J. Duric And a few jam pages from my days hanging out and hosting the now defunct MMCJ! The Monthly Montreal Comix Jams. I'll be sliping a few of those in most issues of this series. Some playful done in one pages drawn with a long list of fellow cartooning buddies in Montreal.

This first, critically acclaimed issue of my personal anthology series earned me a 2005 Doug Wright nomination for the first B&W edition! This is a later remastered full colour edition. It's one of the best and most diverse example of my work around the turn of the century.

"Salgood's drifting vision has an incredible sense of space and freedom. Your eye moves across the page continuously, an angel floating through worlds." "RevolveЯ plays with how we perceive things, and where we anchor ourselves." -- Sherwin Tjia

Though muted and limited in palette, the art demonstrates a level of skill many comic artists can only aspire to. Perspectives are juxtaposed Escher-like adding to the alter-reality quality of each individual story as well as the collection generally. Revolver One feels like a cohesive whole. -- Rachel Fenton

"Throughout this issue, you can feel Max Douglas's joy in experimenting with line, tone and page design, in a way that is simpatico with other big names of the small press like Tomer Hanuka or Farel Dalrymple. This is the kind of comics I unashamedly love, dense work by a creator following his vision and sharing the journey with his readers." -- John Martz

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Revolver One's first incarnation was a black and white short run zine that earned me a nomination for a Doug Wright Award, later I remastered it as this colour anthology of short stories and character sketches. A mix of collaborative and solo comics projects that mark a time of fertile experimentation and personal sequential tectonic shifts. 

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