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After attending the irregular and spectacular Comix Jams held by Rupert Bottenberg in Montreal for a few years, I organized a one time Toronto Comic Jam with Rupert, which helped lead the Monthly Toronto Comix Jams hosted by Dave Howard of DTM.

I got used to those while I was still around so in '97 when I moved to Montreal myself I missed them. In Sept of 2000 I turned 30, and held a jam birthday party at Casa del Popolo. It was a hit so the next year I started a Montreal Monthly Jam, hosting it for 4 years. 

The first year I published monthly collections sold for a buck the next month featuring the best pages. Year two I switched to larger format collections showing off the best of several Jams. 

I've more issues I haven't scanned yet that if I do will add here, but here you'll find many of these collections! Artists should have signed their panels and then signed in at the door at each jam, wich is how I tried to keep track of who contributed. A LOT of people attended over the years, many names you might recognize? All work belongs to them, do not resell for profit please. Thanks!

What is a Comix Jam?

A group of artists pass around a page, each drawing a panel or portion of the story, and then passing it on to someone else. I held them in a resto bar cafe, so it's safe to assume people were often a few drinks in and making eachother laugh. Mostly done in one, sometimes they can run longer. It's improve comic, historically the first were held by the Rip Off press gang in SF in the 1960s. They are a lot of fun, often like many underground comics stuff transgressive and outrageous, or just bizarre. Reader's are on their own recognisance. This is not all ages.

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The Monthly Montreal Comix Jam Zines

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