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Dream Life | a late coming of age, digital only

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I couldn't put this down. Seriously. It’s a keeper. Salgood Sam has one of the most interesting, unique voices in comics today.” – Mark Waid

Murder in BC leads to an inuksuk in Ontario.
Charlie’s childhood friend is about to die.
Hitchhiking in BC PJ’s luck runs out.
Lionel is in crisis, time for love?
Leslie is a therapist and part time drug dealer. It’s just occurring to her that she hates her job.
Dan’s six year old daughter thinks he needs to grow up. She may have a point.

A story of accidental adventure, failed dreams and fantasy lives, in a possibly ambivalent universe.

161 pages of cinematic, neorealist comics by Salgood Sam.

First in a two part story,

Salgood Sam is a gifted draftsman. In Dream Life you can see he’s enjoying himself immensely drawing every page of this sprawling story. Beautiful stuff.” – Joe Ollmann

Those who love and cherish our involuntary interior rambles can enjoy more of a good thing, by diving into Salgood’s universal trance adapter. Those who like to stretch out on the couch and become immersed in a compelling story terrifically told and beautifully drawn can scratch that particular itch as well, via Salgood Sam’s powerful virtuosic graphic novel Dream Life.” - Jim Woodring

I recently read Salgood Sam’s new graphic novel, Dream Life, and it is sensational. The story is thrilling, heartfelt and heartbreaking. And the way Sam presents his narrative, weaving events, past and present with a large cast of characters is evocative of a dream and a tour de force of comics storytelling.” – Batton Lash

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DIgital copies in PDF, CBZ and MOBI formats of my 2014 solo graphic novel Dream Life a late coming of age

161 of story + backmater in the pdf
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Dream Life | a late coming of age, digital only

0 ratings
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